August 26, 2015

Thursday 6th-Friday 7th August Who Paddled At El Castell?

Morning…I am getting used to this view and continuous blue skies. Not sure I could work in the heat or cope with it all the time, but next to a pool and doing nothing, it’s just lovely.

villa view 2


Today I am having a lazy day as husband has some filming to do this morning. Meanwhile, I will be relaxing and reading. It’s a hard life.


Once my husband returned we both went for a swim. In my time of relaxation I have been contemplating a new name for my blog as I feel I have outgrown the old one and people have found it hard to find. ‘Good Morning’ is in the title of lots of programmes and pages and ‘Facebook’ is not relevant to my new vlogs. The mind is working on it, but it is a slow and tricky process as I get lots of ideas and type them into google, only to find they are all ready taken or there is a title that is similar. I think it will probably incorporate my name, once decided I will let you know!

in pool

In the evening we joined the Sailors leaving party. I felt a bit of a fraud having not done an ounce of sailing, so we sat and drank instead. Husband had rather too many beers and I had a few too many Pimms.You have to worry when the barman has your drinks ready before you even take three steps in the door! We bought a takeaway pizza and were seen taking two full glasses of alcohol back to our’s not that we have a drink problem, but they allow us to take and return the glasses the next day..bonus!

It’s Friday and the car will be in use again. Today we drive to Mahon, which is the capital city of Menorca and has one of the largest harbours in the world. I kept seeing signs to a place called ‘Mao’ and suggested we went there, until my husband announced it was another name for the same place…honestly Fiona! Finding somewhere to park was again a problem and we drove up and down numerous narrow streets before finding a parking space.


We got out and walked down a very pretty, long, straight, tree lined road.


At the end of the road was a little square and a church.


We walked towards a bridge which was very high up and looked down over the extensive harbour. The view was spectacular, but we turned round and there were people hanging around a building and sitting on benches. Husband’s observation “Here we are looking for wonderful sights of Menorca and we find ourselves standing outside the benefits office!” Yes indeed, not quite the sight we were hoping for, so we turned and looked the other way where the view was magnificent.


We returned to the car and continued out of the town towards El Castell, which has a lot of military history and is where the sun first rises on the island. We spotted a windmill, so we stopped, took a photo and had a wander.



We walked across a square which was originally the military parade ground. The red brick building was originally some British military barracks, but is now used as a police office, town hall and holds the military museum.


We continued walking down towards the harbour and found ourselves sitting at a peaceful waterside pavement cafe having a bite to eat and a cooling drink. We weren’t the only ones who wanted to cool down…even seagulls feel the heat and apparently need a little paddle! Thankfully he is suitably dressed at all times.



The waterside is very pretty, with lots of boats, shops and cafes, but it doesn’t have a beach.



On our way back to the car we had an ice cream and I tried a blue coloured one , which I found out was ‘marshmallow’. Sickly, sweet and very sugary, but I’ve ticked it off my list and tasted it! We carried on driving along the coast towards Punta Prima and came across an old fort called Fort Marlborough, which is situated on the Sant Esteve cove.




We drove around Punta Prima briefly, which seemed quite touristy and made our way back home for our usual late afternoon ritual. The heat doesn’t half take it out of you…it must be nearly Pimms O’clock again!