August 28, 2015

Saturday 8th -Sunday 9th August Follow That Boat!

Morning…last night after our usual Pimms and beer at Marga’s, we returned to the restaurant at Ses Salines with beautiful views over the bay and a pretty tree outside…cue husband pose.




It is so peaceful looking over the water as the sun goes down. Eating delicious food is a bonus. We had patatas bravas to start, a fish paella and chocolate and orange mousse to finish, all washed down with a huge gin and tonic.



As we left the restaurant feeling incredibly full, the sun going down left a beautiful orange haze in the sky.


Up to now we have been driving, walking, taking in the sights, taking photos, swimming, reading, eating, drinking and getting very HOT…I have sunbathed and my husband has slept. Today we learn to SAIL (give me strength)…hoping for no stormy waters and a patient instructor with a sense of humour!

It’s Sunday. I wasn’t expecting after a fifteen minute initial lesson to be let loose alone in a small pico boat alone. There were many different groups, but only three of us in the beginners group. Never mind that that they had given us a life jacket, told us the importance of not crashing into other boats, described how you could slow the boat down by letting out the sails and tried to convince us of the ease of righting a boat should it capsize. There were lots of sailing boats and windsurfers around.


“Follow those two” was shouted as I climbed into my pico and pushed off…”which two?” I went sailing off into the distance with fear and panic in the pit of my stomach. I realised I couldn’t stop, didn’t know who I was following, where I was going or what to do…”help!” shouted my small voice across the bay. Yep, I had to be rescued by the rescue boat! The rescue boat man gave me a quick lesson at sea, was very supportive and I suspect realised that when it came to sailing I was not just a beginner but special needs! It didn’t go unnoticed that he was not far from my boat at all times for the rest of the morning. I continued on my own, but ‘tacking’ was a struggle, my feet got caught up in ropes and tow bars, I let go off the tiller several times, I floundered on the floor scraping my knees, hit my head on the boom and crashed into my husbands boat making him capsize! I didn’t however fall into the water, unlike my husband who was permanently wet… something to do with his size and the size of the boat!

My bad back did not make the afternoon session (no surprise) as by the end of the morning it, along with other parts of by body, were struggling. Instead I sat by the pool, dipping in and out contemplating what I had learnt in the morning, which didn’t seem a lot and finished my second book.


Husband was given a bigger boat in the afternoon called a laser and had an instructor on board. Success, he stayed dry!

In the evening we had Sangria on the beach with all those involved with the sailing and a takeaway Pizza. My second Vlog was edited and it is obvious that my gardening skills are not dissimilar to my sailing skills!


Today, I am joining my husband in the bigger laser boat and will be watching to see if the rescue team are happy at my return!