August 29, 2015

Monday 10th-Tuesday 11th August Stuck At Sea!

Morning…yesterday, day two of our sailing experience, was in a bigger boat called a laser and was with my husband in the same boat. I had hoped that being together meant we could support each other and he would help my nerves.


Having looked and discussed our battered, cut feet at the beginners meeting, we decided to become professional looking sailors and buy protective footwear!


The shoes were a great help. My husband’s help with sailing was unfortunately initially lacking,particularly when me and my unusually long extension tiller became unusually contorted! The nautical term I was trying to achieve was ‘tacking’, but usually sailors don’t get the tiller through the arm hole of their life jacket across their body and out of the opposite arm hole…unless of course you are me! Husband turned as I shouted “I’m stuck and can’t move!!” The sight of me pinned to the tiller was such, he sat and LAUGHED. Every time I tried to move, the boat started to swing and go round in circles. I couldn’t unattach myself and was terrified we were going to end up in the water. I love a bit of song and dance…the boat was doing the Salsa and all I needed was Queen’s version of  “I want to break Free” playing and we would have had a great entertainment show in the middle of the bay. Finally, when my husband realised that our boat breakdance moves could have repercussions and we might get wet, he came to my aid and with the boat bobbing about and with great difficulty, my life jacket was unattached, removed and the tiller released. The rescue boat looked like they were aware of our situation and we heard later that it was being radioed to all “the beginners look like they’ve got the tiller stuck though their lifejacket!”…the mortification…but before they could send help to us, we were thankfully sorted. I released my tiller control skills to my husband, as I attempted to calm my now shattered nerves. Our morning sailing session had at least come to an end without us getting wet and we breathed a sigh of relief. I stepped off the back of the boat and my husband went to follow, tripped and fell head first into the water..sorry, but how I laughed! Oh if only we had a camera…

In the afternoon, my husband went back for more sailing. I meanwhile sat by the pool away from boats and tillers, out of harms way.


In the evening we ventured into the main town of Fornells and found a restaurant along the sea front we hadn’t tried before. We had our usual G and T and husband was a bit surprised and not terribly amused when they came and put an oversized bib around his neck. Did they think things might get messy after one large gin and tonic?

bib photo

We had decided to order something a bit different from the menu. I went for a fish filled crepe.


My husband had gone for the fish stew, which was more of a fish soup and was why the bib was needed! He got more on the table cloth than the bib, but we had a good laugh about it and he felt better when other customers wore matching bibs and took similar photos of the enforced dress code!



It’s Tuesday. I bruise very easily but oh how my body is battered and bruised after yesterday! Day three of sailing, my knees were red raw, my back ached and sadly, when husband over manoeuvred the boat we couldn’t move our ageing bodies quick enough to balance it and the boat capsized..I was left hanging from an upturned yacht! My husband tried to right the boat and told me to hang on, but he heard a creak and decided he might break it, so I had no option but to drop down into the sea. I was unable to move and the rescue boat and instructor were shouting at me from nearby to warn me that I had ropes round my neck. I had to duck and untangle ropes before I was finally able to break free. The lovely rescue boats came to our aid and in fact we got back into the boat as the rescue man righted it. It was nearing the end of session and I decided my body had done enough, so we were pulled back to shore. I got out and had to have my sore, cut knees bathed in iodine.

Another restful afternoon was required, but I did my own rescue mission on a smaller scale. I saw a tiny lizard floating on the top of the swimming pool and just like the recue boat did to me, I used my flip flop to scoop it up and right it. I waited to see if it was not too battered or bruised and if it would survive. It did and went running off into the undergrowth.


By the evening, it was clear from my arm how I had hung on for dear life to the upturned yacht. Who would have thought sailing could be so challenging!


An evening of Pimms and takeaway and the realisation that maybe my body needs a rest. .


 Today we are not going sailing. Instead we are going to the beach we found last week for a day of rest and relaxation.