August 31, 2015

Wednesday 12th-Friday 14th August Relaxing And The Regatta

Morning…yesterday we had a day of rest for the battered body and a trip to the beach for a chosen swim in the sea, rather than one I wasn’t planning! We returned to the beach at Cavelleria.



I’m not sure why we sat at the top of a sand hill which required my husband to grab my hand to drag me up and me sinking when attempting to go down, but we did! We had a lovely swim in the sea, relaxed on the beach reading our books and sat people watching, which is always fascinating.


My husband was concerned about the colour of the tan of the people sitting next to us, until we watched them wash their tan off in an instant! It was of course the red mud that I mentioned in the earlier post, that is apparently good for the skin. They were completely covered as we sat ourselves next to them. We watched several people pass us by one colour and return another, but decided not to give it a go ourselves…I was worried my green, hold everything in, swimming costume would never recover and would forever be a dirty, off green.

The downside of walking down cliffs to a beach is if you swim and get tired in the heat, you still have to walk back up! As an ageing, unfit, fifty something year old with a bad back, that is always hard work.


In the evening some neighbours from our hometown came over to our villa. They were holidaying in Menorca too. The strange thing is that despite being close neighbours who chat in the street, we have never been for a meal socially. It took for us both to be in a different country at the same time for this to happen! After a drink at the villa, we drove into Fornells, where the little girl managed to get a braid put in her hair and we found a Tapas restaurant. We had such a lovely evening we must make sure we do it again back at home.

Today I’m back to my sailing with a rested body and hopefully renewed enthusiasm.

It’s Thursday and a beautiful day.


Yesterday my boat skills were thankfully more successful, our boat stayed the right way up, we didn’t end up in the sea and my attempts at tacking and gybing were not disastrous..hurrah. It helped that we had our instructor in the boat with us to talk me through my continuing mistakes. She will be getting the extreme patience award at the end. It also helped that I was given knee pads for my very sore knees. They were reluctant to give them to me at the beginning of the week as they thought it encouraged people to go on their knees instead of staying on their feet, but I think they realise now I’m a special case!

life jacket pose

It’s our last sail today and this afternoon my husband is racing in the end of week Regatta.

Ian life jacket pose

It’s Friday, the day we fly home and hopefully return to a spotlessly clean house. It was a very windy sail yesterday, so not quite my cup of tea! My idea to continuously let the sails loose so we didn’t go very fast, was apparently not how it works and I kept being told “pull the sail in”!


In the afternoon I sat on the pier, reading my book and watching the regatta. I tried to work out which boat was the one my husband was in, but it wasn’t easy to spot, so I kept taking photos and video footage of any old boat with a sail! I also took photos of the windsurfers who were going along at speed, the weather looked ideal. Unfortunately with the pier bobbing about none of the photos were very in focus.


My husband was thrilled to come first in the beginners regatta. He was presented with his medal and garland at the presentation evening at Marga’s. He wore them both with pride, safe in the knowledge that he was in fact the only boat in that particular race!


Our last evening was finished with a great meal with a family who we met whilst racing. The lady was in the winning, or only, boat with my husband. Her family are experienced sailors and raced in the more advanced group.



Today the weather is cloudy, but thankfully the electrical storm that was expected has moved to tomorrow, so I’m hoping that tonight’s flight won’t be too stressful.