September 2, 2015

Saturday 15th -Sunday 16th August Grateful And Goodbye

Morning…our shower room no longer has any bath towels, our toilet no toilet rolls, our fridge is full of out of date meals, our fruit bowl full of uneaten, ageing fruit, baskets of dirty washing are still at the top of the stairs, sink is full of dirty saucepans, wet towels left in the machine and a drying out passport is in the airing cupboard, but the house is still standing, the pets are still alive and I’m grateful the cleaner came yesterday. We are home from our holiday in Menorca!

passport in airing cupboard

Yesterday we had to check out of our fabulous villa by 10am.


I said goodbye to my lovely seat by the pool.


My husband said goodbye to the biggest satellite dish ever.


We both said goodbye to the villa and took our last journey in the car we had hired. It’s not a car on reflection we were disappointed to let go of, as it struggled with hills and huffed and puffed just like me an unfit, fifty something staggering up a slope!


We returned our keys and said goodbye to our patient sailing instructors. They certainly deserved this weeks salary trying to teach us! We had a last cup of tea at our favourite restaurant with a view, Ses Salines. Unfortunately the view today was not as fantastic as usual due to cloud, but I was grateful it was dry and without the thunderstorms that were forecast.



I even managed to finish off a third book, despite it having nearly 500 pages. I always find Jill Mansell easy to read and you get into each story quickly. Sometimes her characters have such tragic lives full of multiple dramas that I do wonder if I should be grateful for my sometimes tricky, but incomparison uneventful life, or worry about the impending disastrous times I must surely have ahead… that’s if her books are true to life of course! Fingers crossed disaster doesn’t happen and happy to be grateful for life with the occasional tricky moment!


Before driving to the airport we drove into the pretty town of Es Mercadel, which is in the middle of Menorca. It seemed very quiet with lots of whitewashed streets. It had obviously had a fiesta recently, from the flags and garlands hanging and fluttering in the wind.                     .




We found a little café called Las Vegas that did a three course meal deal. We were only going to have one glass of wine, but found it included a whole bottle. It was such good value and was the equivalent of approximately £22 for two. The starter salad was filling enough, but was followed with a fried fish main course and ice cream for dessert. What more could you want at that price?


Not sure if it was the wine or the number of photos I tried to take that caused this nutty expression from the other half!

Es Mercadel cafe

This bourgainvilleas plant in the restaurant courtyard was so pretty and vibrant. I always remember trying to grow one back at home but failing, so I always love to see them when we holiday abroad.


The flight home was delayed and we arrived at Gatwick cold and with torrential rain. The holiday, the sunshine and the heat was brought to an immediate end but we were thankful for a lovely two week break.

Today I will be finding the missing towels, clearing the mess and washing two entire suitcases worth of clothes!

It’s Sunday. My washing machine was on it’s last legs anyway, but after yesterdays marathon session it is on it’s knees and very noisy! Thankfully, my airing cupboard is now full of towels, the dirty washing at the top of the stairs has gone, the kitchen sink is empty, the fridge and fruit bowl have had a clear out and the passport is wrinkled but dry. I’m grateful the washing machine survived, but not sure how long it will be before we have to part company!

I lovingly made my husband a cup of tea this morning and he in return clips his nails and flicks them all over the bedroom. He has told me that this is entirely acceptable, can’t be helped and is why we have a cleaner. I must send her a note. I’m sure she will be thrilled.