September 3, 2015

Monday 17th-Thursday 20th August Kitchen And Carpet Chaos

Afternoon…I might struggle to stay awake as my eyes were open at 4am and watching Escape To The Country and The Great British Bake Off kept me wide eyed and awake and not sleepy and brain dead as hoped! My chauffeuring services were required early to take youngest son to work at JD Sports, I’ve yet to see my eldest son, but then it is a trifle early at 1pm and my husband has flown to Denmark. Wow this Summer holiday is going so quickly!

It’s Tuesday. My kitchen was last night put in my garden in preparation for the next three days. I’m grateful it didn’t rain overnight!

kitchen in the garden

Mid morning and I keep getting hassle, firstly from the cats because workman have taken over their domain and secondly from the workman not happy as previous floor tiles were apparently stuck down with superglue! In two days time we’re hoping our kitchen will have Karndean wood affect flooring and our bedroom will have a new grey carpet. It will be strange having proper flooring in the kitchen, after 9 months of concrete, dust inhalation and a continuous need to sweep. We won’t know ourselves.

concrete floor

It will also be strange to have a new carpet in the bedroom after 13 years of walking on one that is hard, has zero softness and pile and which for the last year has had a whole pot of paint poured over it!.

photo (49)

I went to physio late morning, leaving my son in charge and thought on the way home I’d pop into Outfit to buy a Dorothy Perkins denim, sleeveless dress that I had seen in the sale. I’d tried it on a couple of days ago, but thought I could order it on line with discount, only to find that my size and every other size apart from size 6 was out of stock! I dashed in and picked up the dress I had tried previously in store, got to the till only to find that my credit card was missing. I phoned home to find that my dear son had borrowed it the previous night and not returned it to my purse…I thought he had taken cash. I was not best pleased, although they agreed to hold it for me for a couple of days behind the till.

As we couldn’t use the kitchen, because the floor was a no go area, I returned home to a brie and bacon sandwich lunch at the pub with my friend.

pub lunch Dog and Partridge

We weakened at the sight of the dessert menu and I drowned my sorrow at failing to buy the dress today with a glass of wine!

pub lunch dog and partridge 3

pub lunch dog and Partidge 1

It’s Wednesday. I got out of bed and put my feet down on to something soft and thick…no, the cat hadn’t been sick but we have our new bedroom carpet down!

bedroom carpet

My son asked me last night to wash his work shirt by tomorrow, so thought I’d do it overnight as fitter here today and then I remembered… the blooming washing machine is in the garden and not plumbed in…think he might be in trouble unless fitter is a fast worker! I made myself a cup of tea this morning, now we can step on the floor..and the milk?…yep also, in the garden! Roll on tomorrow when it should all be finished.

milk in fridge

Kitchen flooring is finally coming along nicely.

kitchen floor

It’s Thursday. Kitchen floor finished a day earlier than expected, but now kitchen door and cupboard kickboards don’t fit, so someone has to sort that out at a later date!

kitchen floor done

What you don’t want after having new flooring put down and told to not get it wet for a while, is for the washing machine to leak everywhere as not plumbed in properly…hoping sons, towels and panic has sorted it and water was not down long enough to damage flooring…this kitchen has been such a drama!

The kitchen is gradually coming back into the house, whilst the replaced household items and odds and sods have been put outside in the garden! I looked out of my bi fold doors to see Winston the rabbit and one of the cats having a tiff over the old carpet. The rabbit was trying to be friends, but the cat wasn’t really having it and kept him at arms length…each sitting on their own roll.

tiff over the carpet