September 5, 2015

Friday 21st -Sunday 23rd August Soup And Selfie Stick Issues.

Morning…It might be the holidays but I’m going into school today to spend a day sorting out my classroom after a visit from the cleaners. They might clean, but they don’t put everything back where you left it, which is so annoying.

It was lovely to return to a bowl of home made soup made with our new soup maker, a purchase from the New Forest Show and an anniversary gift to ourselves. You put the vegetables, stock and seasoning in the machine, cook it for 25 minutes, press the ‘smooth’ button for a quick whizz and it is all ready to eat…delicious.

soup maker NFS

sou[ made with soup maker

It’s Saturday. Amazingly its warm on a weekend which is such a bonus! The fact that the rabbit escaped out the front door as I went to take son to work was unfortunately not! Husband was very unhappy he had to spend twenty minutes chasing the rabbit in the road and was not impressed when Winston decided to relax under a neighbours car and not move…just where he couldn’t reach him. I had only left the front door ajar, as son was late for work and I spotted the milk delivery outside, shouted and put it just inside the door for husband to put in fridge. I was not to know the rabbit was roaming the kitchen and had forgotten we no longer had a kitchen door that shut…I was not Miss popular when I got home!

winston 3

We are off to celebrate a friend’s 30th Wedding Anniversary party in the garden later and it looks like we will be lucky with the weather. We were at teacher training college together thirty years ago and have stayed friends ever since. As the weather is looking so good I will be able to wear my Dorothy Perkins denim sleeveless dress that I finally collected from Outfit, for the sale price of £12 (a bargain)

me in denim dress

It’s Sunday. The anniversary party was fantastic. My diet is ruined and laughter lines are increased. My selfie stick caused much mirth as I struggled to use it, failed to position the camera correctly and was mocked for about ten minutes, as I hadn’t realised it needed a battery! My husband had to eat his words when the light came on without a battery, so my plugging it in a socket must have done something! Unfortunately, the camera then clicked 26 times without me doing anything, so I have a selection of photos of …absolutely NOTHING! How will I ever get to grips with modern technology? It might help if I read the instructions properly, but I am a person who needs to be shown and then do it myself…several times..I call it getting old, but am not convinced that I didn’t have traits of it in my youth!!

selfie isssues

A selection of photos of my face that my husband took afterwards said it all…not surprising I have to buy wrinkle cream!

selfie faces

My sailing wounds were discussed as they were on view thanks to the weather and according to my husband my scab now looks like pork scratching with a hair coming out of the middle of it! The description put a lot of people off their food and made me grateful I was drinking and not driving. The scab is annoyingly getting very itchy. I won’t post a photo as don’t want to make people feel ill.

The day was  a lovely day full of chat, food, drink and celebrating. It’s lovely when you know people so well, that you still laugh and can have fun in your fifties like you did in your teens and early twenties and it doesn’t matter if you see each other only a couple of times a year.

college girls at wedding anniversary

celebration for doris and sean.

The washing machine has also sadly died after three leakages and being reported for noise pollution! it is now in the sideway with a growing collection of rubbish. One day it will all make the tip, but I’m thinking it won’t be any day soon.

washing machine died