September 10, 2015

Wednesday 26th- Saturday 29th August Excess At Sopwell House

Morning…I am not a fan of spiders and even as an adult I have sadly screamed, perhaps with a little less noise than when I was a child. I have also had my fair share of spider rescue and removal either by my dad when I lived at home, or kind friends, children and husband later in life. Where spiders are concerned, I am sadly feeble and if they are nearby I get agitated. This morning I thought I was being quite brave when I saw a huge one race across my kitchen floor and chose to watch, breath deeply and sigh with relief when it disappeared. The next minute I heard a meow and our fluffy black cat called Pepsi was looking up at me proudly and next to her was the spider…crumpled and not moving! Although I didn’t ask for help and my rescuer might not have been of the human kind, I was sort of quietly grateful.

pepsi stretching

Not much time left now before the summer holiday is over and I’m back to work, so trying to get myself sorted… unsuccessfully.

It’s Thursday. I have been a work taxi service for my son and am now packing for my two day Spa visit with college friends, which is just what I need. I’m hoping that my facial will iron out the wrinkles, the swimming pool will have cellulite and core strengthening chemicals and the alcohol and food consumed will have zero calories because that is what I’m really looking for!

I drove to my friends house in Greenford and we drove together to Sopwell House, a Spa hotel in Hertfordshire. We arrived and our bottoms hadn’t been on the soft sofa’s and armchairs long, before our other friends arrived and the porter offered to take our rather ample luggage to the rooms.



We each had one small suitcase, a handbag and an extra bag full of food and drink for lunch, which was carefully disguised as oversized hand luggage! We tried to keep hold of these, to stop the enormity of our food and drink smuggled parcels being found out. We have been going to this particular Spa for the past 3 years, ever since we celebrated our 50th and keep returning as it is so nice. The deal we get always includes one evening meal, lunch and a treatment along with our overnight stay. We always take a picnic for our second lunch and each year the amount we take is far too much. This years attempt to cut down failed abysmally!




We have planned a fun day ahead.

It’s Friday. We had a facial…wrinkles are still there but moisturised and glowing! I have been told I have oily patches around my nose and side of cheeks and it has been suggested I exfoliate weekly and cleanse both morning and night…once a day is apparently not sufficient.


We swam and sat in the Jacuzzi but my core is still useless and although cellulite was pummelled, it has disappointingly not melted away as hoped.


We dressed up and drank Champagne from the classy tea cups in our room. This hopefully reduced the calorie count as I couldn’t measure or really see how much alcohol was in it and as we didn’t have much time before dinner it was thrown down my throat very quickly.



Our friend announced she was asked for her car registration when she arrived. She gave it. We have just pointed out that it wasn’t her car in the car park, as she got a lift and didn’t drive! Don’t you just love life in your fifties and what it does to your brain? :-)

It’s Saturday. Being naughty and carefree in your fifties is helping yourself to extra shampoos, towels and body lotions from a trolley parked usefully outside your room. It’s about walking around the garden in oversized fluffy white gowns and oversized freebie slippers looking like the teddy on the counter and making as much noise as a group of small children.



It’s about having an enormous food fest picnic in the room, drinking and eating food galore and after eating three puddings persuading friends they need to share a fourth because the chocolate mousse section has just been refilled..


it’s all about excess! Sadly, it will soon come to an end.


Happy Bank Holiday Weekend Everyone.

no no no summer cant nearly be over