September 12, 2015

Sunday 30th August-Tuesday 1st September Bird & Carter Farm Shop

Morning…two days left of the summer holiday! A lie in would be nice, but son was working due to it being a bank holiday. Weekend buses are non existent where we live and he doesn’t drive, so good old mum is this mornings taxi service.

“What do you do before the shop opens?” I ask as we are driving there.

“What do you mean?” he asks.

“It’s Sunday, so shops don’t open until 10am” I say.

“oh no!” he exclaims “I could have had a lie in until 9.30am”…HE could have had a lie in? So could I!

Instead it was a bacon sandwich and a mug of tea in a café to waste time and guess who was paying?


Later today my husband and I go to Salisbury to visit my mother in law and husband’s step dad. We are hoping to go to the big car boot sale tomorrow at Wilton.

It’s Bank Holiday Monday and typical British weather for a holiday, it is pouring with rain! We decided to go for breakfast at the Bird and Carter Farm shop early and watch to see if the grotty weather was here to stay or a short, sharp shower . We arrived and the sign outside said ‘closed’ but when we popped our heads round the corner, they were in fact open and just hadn’t got round to changing the sign. This was very beneficial for us…we were the first ones through the door and the shop and cafe were completely empty!


We had a choice of any table and any chair. We even did a little move about of the chairs to ensure we had the most comfortable ones.


In the corner of the room was a much needed log burner on this August bank holiday to give the room atmosphere and heat.


The breakfast was delicious and the staff very friendly. We all had a full English breakfast although the men went for the added black pudding and mushrooms. I had scrambled egg instead of fried, because I’m a bit fussy when it comes to eggs! All the breakfast products were fresh local produce that could be purchased in the large barn farm shop next door and you could really tell they were not mass produced. The shop seemed to have a wide variety of produce that if you lived locally or were passing by would be lovely to peruse and purchase.



By the time we had finished, the café was full of families and couples taking the opportunity to eat out of the rain in a lovely environment. It seemed child friendly with toys and highchairs for the children and appeared very popular locally. If you look at the facebook page it has four and a half stars out of five from 12 reviews, so appears to have an excellent reputation which I would agree with.

On the cafe walls were local artists paintings for sale too. it is nice to see venues that are supporting local community traders.

Unfortunately the rain hadn’t stopped when we finished our breakfast, so a group decision was made not to go to the car boot sale, but to return home.


Bank holiday is really taking the pee…in weather and pricing. Just heard that my son who in order to get into work on time, as no buses early enough and we were not there to drive him, had to order a taxi. He was charged £25 for a ten minute journey which is so not right. He only earns just over £5 an hour, so that means it cost him more than half his daily salary.

It’s Tuesday. The day has come and summer is over for all school workers.

Back to school for teachers