September 19, 2015

2nd-6th September Winston’s Hutch & Marshmallow Matey’s

Morning…Winston the rabbit has been brought a new rabbit hutch from Amazon as the old one is rotten.

old hutch

As he is a roaming rabbit he doesn’t spend all day in his hutch, but he had small friends sharing it with him who had made their home in the disintegrating roof. Also, winter is coming, so my husband decided we needed to purchase him a warm, new home. The recently acquired hutch is still two storeys, wider, taller and with a pitched roof…I’m quite envious, as it is very spacious for one!

winston 4

My eldest son said he would put it together which I thought was brave as he has never been particularly  DIY orientated or good with his hands. In fact he is left handed and uncoordinated at the best of times. He might be nearly 23 years old and I can’t tell him, but sometimes I do despair, for instance he eats ‘Marshmallow Mateys’ for breakfast…who eats them? He does. I hadn’t even heard of them until I found them in my kitchen cupboard. Apparently they are American and can be purchased in the Foods from other country’s section at Tesco’s, at the extortionate price of £3! I only know this because I have just looked online for the purpose of this blog and can’t believe that he has been using my money to buy them!


Anyway back to his DIY ability..I have just walked into the kitchen to find a box on the floor, opened, scissors on the sofa and a bag of screws next to it…DIY was sadly a step too far, even after a bowl of mateys!

It’s Thursday. The rabbit hutch has been made by son number two, whose DIY skills were surprisingly good!

new rabbit hutch

Husband has now become the Kim and Aggie of Hutch care and has put the rabbit mansion out to air in the garden and flung the doors open to the elements! Apparently he doesn’t want the rabbit to be overcome by fumes from the wood treatment. I wish such concern was had for my welfare.

airing hutch

It’s Friday. I have been awake since 5.30am and can see my body and mind will struggle later today.

The rabbit is now in his mansion hutch, so we have a broken hutch along with the old carpet, washing machine, fridge freezer, bags of cement, old chair, old goal posts, rusty BBQ and a pile of rubble in our garden.

rubbish in the garden

I’m waiting for our neighbours to recommend us for some reality makeover programme and Alan Titchmarsh to turn up!

ground force

Of course we could just receive a letter of complaint from the council, which would be most humiliating.

It’s Saturday. Husband is away most of the weekend being a presenter for a fundraising Cabaret in London, so I will be making the most of my home alone time with housework and cat de-fleaing. I really do get all the best jobs. I have a lovely 50th celebration to look forward to later.

It’s Sunday. The yummy food and Pimms I had last night, certainly made up for the all day rumbling tummy and one smoothie I had yesterday! My friend had even made a celebration cake with sparklers stuck into it, which were lit, whilst we sang “Happy Birthday.”



My world does seem a bit up and down at the, weight, work…even Winston who has taken to climbing up on to the garden bag to try and get in the open kitchen window, until we get him down. Would like a bit of balance in my life…weather on the up, weight going down and work perhaps in the middle would be good!