September 29, 2015

7th- 13th September Son Issues And Signing.

Morning… another Monday and another week of mornings only for the Reception children I teach. I am beginning to sound like a stuck record with my constant verbal reminders of class behaviour, routines and expectations and I’m wondering if ‘listening’ might be an issue!


I have a deaf child in my class, so I’m having to ‘learn’ as well. I have to study how to sign and have been ‘signed’ up for an online course with the British Sign Language. It has seven sections with an assessment at the end of each one and then there is research to be done and sent off.  Learning to sign just the word ‘Fiona’ has summed up my feelings about today…how can it take me so long to learn to sign five letters, three of which are vowels? I’m not sure I am going to pass this course anytime soon or with flying colours, there is too much to remember for an old brain like mine and I seem to be losing the ability to name is not ‘Foina’..honestly Fiona sort out your vowel fingers!


It’s Tuesday. Labrynthitis has flared up and is causing me problems. Eyes have become light sensitive and I am needing different glasses inside and out. I keep leaving them around the classroom and forgetting where. I have found that my vlog “The Bag of a Fifty Year Old” has been most useful as my colleagues have now got inside knowledge of my glasses and their cases having watched it and are able to help me locate the correct ones…result!


It’s Wednesday. Issues with listening are transferring to my own ‘big’ children, who frankly should know better. Son number one aged nearly 23 seems to be unable to follow simple instructions. I asked him to put the cooling soup in the fridge as he was going downstairs and I was about to go to bed. He acknowledged my request, but in the morning I found it still sitting on the side. I asked him to wash the dirty clothes he kindly dumped in piles on the landing for me to wash. Instead he washed the CLEAN clothes folded in the laundry basket…good luck Guildford, his domestic skills need some work when he moves out for his final year in a couple of weeks time!

It’s Thursday. Last night I went to see the musical Sunny Afternoon in London with some friends. We caught the coach locally and it dropped us off just outside the theatre. We managed a quick drink beforehand. The theatre was small but it was a really good show about the rise of The Kinks and included lots of their songs like Lola, Your Really Got Me, Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Waterloo Sunset and This Time Tomorrow. At the end they had a standing ovation. Unfortunately the rest of my day was anything but sunny, more cloudy with a few hailstones along the way.



It’s Friday. We have started going to the pub after work, we’ve started treat Friday and I need to buy chocolate for the team! It is my PPA morning, which means I get to do planning and am not in the classroom and as the children are mornings only this week, my Friday is suddenly looking up!

twirls 2

It’s Saturday. I had a bit of an issue with chocolate treat Friday when a child patted my tummy and said “is there a baby in there?” I drowned my fat tummy misery with a glass of laden calorie wine! I must do something about it…the tummy not the wine!


It’s Sunday. I am about to do the taxi ‘run’ when I can only just about ‘walk’ after back spasms in the middle of the night. Tonight we have the Swan awards at the Landmark centre for the musical society I belong to. Wishing the five nominees and the TOPS company lots of luck…I am the designated driver…there’s a surprise! This was a photo from last year. It’s a beautiful building.

Landmark centre 1