November 29, 2014

Sunday 19th October- DIY Snail Style!

Morning…DIY is finally calling out to our family! Youngest son has finally got a door on his took 2 years but don’t want a project to be done too fast! There are several benefits of having a ‘no door’ bedroom where son is concerned. They included being able to inspect and manage growing mess and dirty dishes, monitor the time spent on Xbox, having to shout instead of scream when needing him and having the cats pester someone else other than me for love and attention!

photo (38)

Instead of touring Pets At Home last night trying to buy food for the rabbit, my son and I found ourselves depleting my bank balance in B and Q…now hoping my bedroom might be finished by Christmas although with son in charge I’m possibly being hopeful! The down side of trekking around a large shop was my back went, so can’t move which is not amusing. Lets hope Lee Mack is, when we watch him later tonight at the Apollo in Hammersmith…fingers crossed.