November 23, 2014

Saturday 18th October-It Would Be Lovely.

Morning..It would be lovely if it was Saturday if I hadn’t got to go into school at 8 am for a rendezvous with the school caretaker… he will be cleaning floors, I will be collecting the purse left in my school pigeon hole which I had forgotten until it came to paying for dancing last night. It would be lovely if three weeks absence from dancing wasn’t like three years for a fifty year old novice dancer…my attitude of keep going when the feet go wrong and no one will notice didn’t work!

As I’m about to go I say to my husband ” see you later”. he replies with ” Have a good day” It would be lovely, but not sure what sort of rendezvous he thinks i’m having as I was hoping the whole process would take just 15 minutes and then I have to return to housework and washing which sadly is not good or lovely!