November 29, 2014

Monday 20th October-The Gruffalo Walk

Morning..After an evening watching Lee Mack in a confined auditorium space I’m struggling to walk again..not amused!

photo (36)

In fact I’m moving like the Gruffalo which is this mornings P.E so it should be authentic and require little acting by me..slow, awkward, with a limp and if I brush my teeth and get toothpaste on my nose like the other day, the wart on the end of the nose is sorted! Happy, happy week until half term and counting!

photo (65)

As ┬ámy husband gets up I thought I was just gazing out of the bedroom window when he rather worriedly said “What haven’t I done?”. “Sorry?” I reply.”You always look at something if you think I need to do something to it” he says…Really, if that was the case I’d be looking at everything..still a lot to learn and remember after 24 years marriage of unsuccessful house training but luckily he cooks!