November 29, 2014

Tuesday 21st October-No Knickers

Morning…such a long day ahead. After the station run for my eldest son I’m driving to Basingstoke for a course on supporting children with impaired vision. I then leave early for an afternoon and evening of chat..well, parents Evening! Think my body will need lots of support by the end of it..possibly of the liquid sort.

Must remember to wear my knickers today…a child yesterday didn’t and it was P.E. so not easily missed. Mentioned it to his mother who admitted that she had dressed him and wondered why there were a pair of pants left on her sofa..there were we presuming it was a 4 year old’s dressing skills which required extra support.


Downside of son decorating bedroom..dust everywhere, tools everywhere, mess everywhere and just climbed into bed to find I’m sleeping with a screwdriver…

Friend- It could have been a drill

Friend- sounds quite fun to me!

Friend- Pozidrive, Crosshead or Phillips?

Me- not sure what you would call it apart from “hard”

Friend- is it your play thingy?

Friend- are you sure it’s not got batteries? LOL!

Oh dear ladies!

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