November 29, 2014

Saturday 25th October-Keep Calm And I’ll Learn To Dance

Morning…teachers really need a well earned rest when a member of staff talks about that well known show The Forty Two Steps…when it was pointed out that it was The Thirty Nine Steps the reply was “close”..Maths is an obvious strength! I wore my new dancing attire last night – a “Keep Calm and I’ll Learn to Dance” t-shirt..of course if I don’t move sideways and someone pins my foot to the ground when she does, it isn’t going to happen..I’ve got 6 months before my dancing skills take to the stage!

photo 1 (4)

Good luck to my son who is performing in his first London show as an adult, happy half term to all teachers and good luck to my colleague getting married today at Loseley Park..looking forward to celebrating later.