November 30, 2014

Sunday 26th October – Noted!

Morning…Lovely wedding party at Loseley Park.

cake (2)

I ate lots of white mice which took me back and danced some moves which got noted! I managed to nearly knock out the small page boy with swinging handbag which also got noted. My stupidity was noted when I took a series of blank photos with my phone and it had to be pointed out that it was in the case upside down! A colleague then noted that I sound like the mum off Gavin and Stacey and some of the words that leave my mouth can be interpreted in entirely the wrong way! A table creation of Wee Willie Winkie out of a napkin and sweetie bag was noted and then destroyed in dismay.


Today I must try and look business like when we film at the Royal Exchange and not like Gavin’s mum..lets hope that gets noted!