August 9, 2015

Friday 24th- Monday 27th July Bank Forgetfulness!

Morning…today I  am catching up on housework and taking my son round Camberley to hand in a few CV’s in the hope he will get a job or at least some interviews. He needs to do something more regular now that it is likely he has to have a second gap year before going to drama college. This evening I get my hair coloured and cut in readiness for going away…you can tell I was a girl guide in my youth and like to be prepared!

It’s Saturday. Yesterday was wet and windy and last night chilly, even for me a woman of an overheating age! Age is beginning to be a concern…not only did I have to cover my greying hair but memory seems well and truly shot to bits. I spent 5 minutes struggling to pay a cheque into the HSBC bank.

HSBC jpg

Until my son pointed out that the problem might be because I now bank with Santander.


I didn’t change just recently, but over TEN years ago!…how could I possibly forget?!!

It’s Sunday. It’s raining again so the desire I had yesterday to walk daily has suddenly disappeared. A wardrobe clearout has made me realise why elastic and stretch fabric has become a clothing essential and why I may never be Miss Fashionable. My husband has not been happy this Sunday morning, a day of peace and goodwill to all men. He has been telling off the cat for eating his ear phones…goodwill not stretched to cats, although cat doesn’t seem that bothered!

relaxed bailey

Husband Alert…although he was adamant the cat had eaten his foam ear phones and got really cross with him he has since found them caught up in the bed although he is certain the cat must have either spat them out or I put them there!

It’s Monday. Enjoying a lie in after the worst nights sleep ever! Not helped by both son’s wandering round. One was having a bath at gone midnight to help him sleep but the very loud water system refilling was keeping me awake. The other padding up and down to the kitchen to get a drink and no doubt have his late night cigarette. Sadly Escape to the Country did not send me to sleep and I wanted to move to the Welsh Border Countryside for some peace.

escape to the country

My bathroom cabinet is now empty of out of date medicine. Off down the M3 later to my parents for the New Forest Show..hurrah!


August 6, 2015

Thursday 23rd July An Evening of Wicked

Morning…tired after a very long, tiring but brilliant day yesterday. It is always good to check your dress is not tucked into your knickers after going to the toilet and entering a hall full of parents and children…sadly I didn’t! When going into the hall for the leavers assembly I decided I had better quickly nip to the toilet and went rushing into the hall when a parent came over to me and quietly suggested I might want to adjust my clothing..thank goodness I was wearing leggings underneath, otherwise the view and embarrassment could have been far worse! I had worn my green dress in readiness for our trip to visit the Emerald City in the evening…my face stayed red rather than green for a few minutes after.

Our journey and trip to London to see Wicked was full of laughter.

Wicked 1

We left school promptly, all collected in one car and made our way to Farnborough station. We were early, so decided to sit in the waiting room and I thought I’d make use of my new selfie stick with a group photo. A simple task if you know how to put the selfie stick together, but hilarious when you have never used a selfie stick, struggle to put it together and find it takes several adult minds and hands to work it out!


We laughed so much that the station porter entered and said “I thought you were a lot of kids making all that noise!”…no, we were a lot of school workers pleased to NOT be surrounded by kids for the next 5 weeks..SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER! One of my colleagues decided to glance at the reading material left for waiting passengers and found….


… indeed we were about to behave quite rebelliously and without applause! However it made for interesting reading whilst waiting. The selfie photo was finally taken and the faces with huge grins said it all.

wicked 3

We got on train number one and a colleague with a Mary Poppins style bag produced some teacher rebel snacks for everyone which we consumed rather rapidly.

Wicked 4

We got off the train at Clapham Junction and found that the train we needed was already waiting at the station. We ran as fast as we could but leg length and fitness meant that we were not all as fast as each other, so some were on the train as the guard blew his whistle whilst others were still on the stairs! “Get away from the door” was screamed as we held the door open (so rebellious) for that little bit longer..we all managed to just get on just in time and without being squished by the closing doors! Time for another train selfie, with the selfie stick we were getting used to using.

wicked 6jpg

We got off at Victoria station and the maps were pulled out to find the whereabouts for a restaurant that I have never been to called Giraffe. We  found the theatre first and decided that we should have a photo outside the theatre whilst it was still light and relatively unbusy. The selfie attempt started and I was just getting there, when a very kind gentleman offered to take a photo of us all which obviously seemed much easier and had a better chance of accuracy or so I hoped..One photo was all of us standing around not at all ready and pulling faces and then we had this it, just!

wicked 8

We finally found the restaurant and more drinking and eating was on the cards.

I had a Mango and Lime Daiquiri  cocktail which was delicious but there was a problem with the way I pronounced ‘daiquiri’ which caused much discussion!

Wicked drink jpg

A delicious burger with good sweet potato fries and evil calorie laden pudding meant I was well and truly stuffed but ready for Wicked.

wicked 9jpg

I have loved and listened to the Wicked soundtrack for ages, love the music and have been wanting to see it for ages. I have watched and heard snippets and whilst knowing it was about the two witches from the Land of Oz, I had no idea about the whole story. We were quite high up in the gods as even though I looked for deals and the show has run for a while it still seemed to be quite expensive. The female voices in the performance were superb and I loved the drama, music and staging, although sometimes being so high up I felt I missed bits. Some of my colleagues whilst enjoying it, did not consider it a show they would want to see again and it does seem to be a marmite type of show which is quite apt..watching the battle of good versus evil is a show that people either love or hate! I am a lover and look forward to seeing it again but maybe a tad closer.

wicked 10 wicked 11



August 1, 2015

Monday 20th-Wednesday 22nd July Saturday Night Fever

Morning… I can’t believe I still have to arise whilst most other school workers are still in bed…for the next three days I’m wishing I worked for a County Council other than Hampshire!

I’m trying to get my body stable after lying down all night…my balance is all over the place and it is not alcohol related.. Sadly, Labrynthitis keeps paying my body a visit and the process of lying down to sitting up can take some adjustment and time.

My first Vlog (an achievement for someone who is a bit of a techno phobe) titled “I walked 2000 miles in 15 minutes” finally made it on to YouTube…I haven’t a clue what I’m saying or what I’m doing as totally unscripted, but it made my family laugh. Even if everyone else just watches and sighs, I now have ONE YouTube subscriber and a couple asking for more Vlogs!

It’s Tuesday. Why does our school’s birthday have to coincide with my physio visit to the hospital? I can’t be seen on a Pilates ball doing thrusts in a sequinned, fluorescent pink ruffled shirt, silver shoes and a hippy wig and flowers. They would be admitting me for something other than my bad back and I might not be let out to do the staff Saturday Night Fever dance to the whole school later on. End of term is two days and counting…

Potley Party

I decided to be dressed in seventies gear for the first hour before going to the hospital and the children in my class asked if I’d had a haircut…wild, uneven and out of control..did my hair need that sort of improvement I ask myself? Pilate ball thrusts at the hospital were not completed as back went into spasm after enthusiastic leg stretches, resulting in me sprawled on a mat in pain. The chat afterwards was about ‘pacing’ and I think was directed at me!

Potley party 1

Staff Saturday Night Fever Dance successfully completed with no mistakes.

Got home in the evening and had a little sit down to find someone helping themselves to my glass of water…blooming cheek!

cat drinking water

It’s Wednesday. Last day! A child again praised my dress wear yesterday, so obviously dressing up suits me and my everyday clothes are not rated that much! The team are off to see the show Wicked tonight. This is something I would have been if I’d chosen to use the toaster this morning, as the cats new sitting place is on top of the bread bin with her tail hovering over the toaster waiting to catch fire!

cat on toaster

Lucky for the cat I was having breakfast at school in the food technology room, a treat for the team from our lovely team leader.

breakfsast at school

I started my breakfast with fruit, yoghurt and a glass of orange juice.

breakfast  at school 1

It was followed with a bacon roll and some croissants and of course the necessary cup of tea.

breakfast at school 2

As well as our Leaver Assembly for the Y6 children one of our team is sadly leaving to pursue a teacher training course so we had to say a goodbye to her. She knows us well and left us with 24 Twirls in a bag to get us through the first week back in September…ah yes a twirl a day will keep the diet at bay!



July 28, 2015

Saturday 18th-Sunday 19th July BBQ Laughs & Pizza Delivery!

Morning…a lot of laughs at the school BBQ, so the ageing process has severely increased and my facial muscles and wrinkles seem doomed!

school bbq

The wasp saga was discussed a lot, I was called Pam (from Gavin and Stacey) by our caretaker, did a good old ‘Carry On’ face when I had my photo taken with him (oh Matron!) and of course our party were the last to leave!

carry on face

The journey home was an interesting one and was all about the sausage rolls! There were plenty left over so they were handed out to each of us as a late night car snack. It was pointed out to one colleague that they needed to be careful and mustn’t drop crumbs on the spotless car seat. The retort back was “it’s ok I can put it all in in one go” and with a mouth as wide as a tunnel, the whole sausage roll was stuffed in and the car giggles began! When we passed through the local town it was late night clubbing time and a very drunk transvestite dressed in a Dolly Parton wig, short skirt and stilettos was falling about the street, distracting both us passengers and our driver who struggled to maintain control of the car for laughing!

We arrived home and I found a pizza delivery man at my front door but no one in the house had apparently ordered any…after much discussion, I found myself paying for a pizza that was apparently for my son who was not yet home from work. He had given strict instructions on when the pizza was to arrive, but they had arrived early, so son got a better deal than he’d bargained for, whilst I was out of pocket!


TOPS, our musical society is having a local BBQ today. Normally it is at our house but as we still have no grass and a mound of rubble, some friends who are also in the society have kindly offered their garden.

It’s Sunday. A small but select group were at the BBQ as many were away or otherwise engaged, but laughter lines continue to appear. Fiddler on the Roof memories are still in the garden with the Anatevka sign hanging in the trees.



Jack & Maisise TOPS BBQ

My husband and some of the men started their partying rather earlier than most, which was bad news for some. A small child was talking about zombie turtles now known as zurtles, silly faces were made and some interesting dance moves were demonstrated!

zurtle face

When my husband walked past my son and asked if he would like to feel the wind in his hair, I think he would have appreciated it if he had worn these!

fart photo

The last week at work approaches.

July 26, 2015

Wednesday 15th- Friday 17th July Wasp Crisis & Normal…Really?

Morning…the dishwasher engineer comes out today so here’s hoping that the washing of dishes won’t need to be done by hand any longer. My hands will hopefully continue to be as ‘soft as my face’ without the huge amounts of Fairy Liquid I’ve been using, as this is apparently according to adverts of old what it does, but maybe they won’t be quite as wrinkly!

fairy liquid

My kitchen might also stop being a mess because it would seem that men don’t seem to like washing dishes.

Engineer came, went and is coming back as apparently he had every part, but the one we needed! Thankfully he has made it useable. We have to make sure we don’t let the door go and have to guide it down slowly, as otherwise it might break. Sounds like my body…think I’ve let it go, had no guidance and having to face the fact there are parts that are broken!

It’s Thursday. Husband is talking in his sleep, the dishwasher has lost it’s spring, son number one made a whirlwind appearance last night before his college SLEEPOVER (aged 22) and son number two (aged 19) can’t remember one simple instruction… thank the lord I’m so NORMAL

! me not normal.jpg 1

It’s Friday. Sorry, I lied. I can’t possibly say I’m normal after yesterday! I was seen with leggings round my knees, clutching a bottle of vinegar in the Reception school toilets . This was followed by a sight that has scarred holding vinegar soaked paper towels to my knee and groin area and being fed Piriton over the toilet door by a colleague…couldn’t do it myself as hands were otherwise engaged! Although this is me a little while later…a sad and pained face that my colleagues laughed at.

me after wasp sting

Unfortunately, this is what happens when Year 6 children visit one last time, whilst all the other children move to their new classes and manage to upset an unnoticed wasps nest which then goes on the attack. The sight of children running towards me screaming, surrounded by wasps proved to me that in a WASP CRISIS I’m not great! The children were covered and I called through the door “I need help quickly…WET TOWELS”…why? I’m not exactly sure. The help came…the wet towels didn’t. All the children were brought inside and wasps were everywhere. How I got stung when I was wearing leggings I’ll never know. It was however very painful and I was seen wondering the school walking like I’d been on a horse for far too long, searching for vinegar as someone said this was the answer. The kitchen was shut, but thankfully some was found in the science experiment resources and so I found myself slumped on the toilet seat in a certain position…I gave you the image earlier! As I sat I could hear all the children aged 11 singing in the next door classroom ‘Old Macdonald had a farm’..a crisis in school and you always sing! The pain went on for rather longer than expected and left a mark so that my colleagues went over and above their call of duty. I stuck my dress between my legs and they got the sting suction gadget and were seen kneeling with bottom stuck out of the toilet door as they attacked my raised leg/groin area…mortifying for me and them! I apologise for the sight they had to see, but thank them profusely. We have since heard that wasps don’t leave a sting so mortification could have been prevented…a little!

Happy to get home to large scrapings of this..

bite cream

July 25, 2015

Saturday 11th-Tuesday 14th July Satnav And Name Issues!

Morning…went to see my son’s end of year college concert last night which was very good.

PPa programme

However, getting there was not so good. The Satnav took us to the wrong place and when we finally arrived, after a few phone calls and directions from students, the principle welcomed us and informed us that 20% have this problem which makes a satellite navigation system most useful! It was the first time that I had met this particular man, whose name was Costa. It is not a usual name, so I spent the whole evening referring to him as Costco and being corrected by my son, who seemed to find it embarrassing. Not dissimilar to a situation with my husband who always called one of my son’s teacher’s at junior school, Mr Cheesestring. In fact his name was Mr Cheeseman…all was fine until parents evening when we arrived and my husband shook his hands warmly and without realising said “Good evening  Mr Cheesestring”…the teacher never batted an eyelid, we inwardly cringed.


It’s Sunday. Kitchen floor in oak is now ordered and being fitted mid August, after we come back from holiday. We watched some of our musical society friends perform at the Riverside Arts Centre in Sunbury last night.

heart and soul programme

It was a great concert and then went on to a lovely 25th Wedding Anniversary party at a nearby rugby club, where silver had to be worn. Unfortunately, I was driving, not just myself and my tiddly husband, but a car load of youngsters from one venue to the other. The satnav was again not doing its job properly, so we ended up getting lost and found ourselves stuck behind a break down lorry on a narrow street. It was trying to wheel on a motorbike but blocking the entire street in the process. Husband decided to shout Evil Knieval comments out of the window oblivious of the policeman sitting nearby,youngsters were hysterical, whilst I tried not to panic and hope we didn’t get told off. We arrived and my silver dance shoes were out shone by these…

Ollies silver shoes

We arrived late but the party was great!

silver wedding anniversary party

Sadly, the disco lights sent my labrynthitis eyes loopy and we left in a hurry getting stuck in a traffic jam on the M3 at 12.45am…not a happy ending to a lovely evening.

It’s Monday and the countdown to end of term begins..

It’s Tuesday and more physio today…hoping I don’t take 50 minutes in a traffic jam to get there…no satnav required.



July 23, 2015

Thursday 9th- Friday 10th July Love Is An Open Door.

Morning…Lovely catch up night at the Frog and Wicket pub in Eversley with my very good friend, where after the week I’ve had it, it was a surprise I drank only the ONE glass of wine! My husband has bought me a new selfie stick in a bag, which we tried to use before we left, but we ended up laughing.

selfie stick

I got into a bit of a pickle when trying to disentangle the iPhone from my lovely pink phone case and pulled out the wrong bit, resulting in this…

phone case

yes, now I have a phone encased in a black case not attached to the cover, so unlikely to protect it!

We did manage a selfie photo in the garden but can see this is going to need a bit of work…have since found out there is a button to press on the stick which means the outstretched arm is not quite so necessary!

sue and me

My brain is currently being taken over by the screams of thirty three children shouting “love is an open door” at the tops of their voices as we rehearse and rehearse for our school birthday celebratory assembly…we have the word LOVE to focus on.  Unfortunately when I got home, I found my husband had taken the words of the song literally and left the bi-fold doors WIDE open for any old Tom , Dick and Harry to walk in whilst he popped out for a drink with friends.

love is an open door 1]

Worried about my husband.. went to wake him this evening as he was making tea and had fallen asleep on the sofa. I shouted his name and his dozy reply was “hold on, it’s opening!”. I shouted his name again realising he was still asleep and he said “I was just about to appear in a big show…can’t you just wait until I appear in it!”…it’s a DREAM for goodness sake!

It’s Friday. I believe son and his girlfriend arrived back from Egypt in the early morning. I have spotted him in his bed so can rest easy. The sun is shining and this morning I will be moaning about my new kitchen instead of my family and dodgy body parts. I am not impressed that with a big bang the dishwasher door broke and we can’t shut it, so I have had to wash and dry ALL dishes by hand. Then the lovely bi-fold doors that we spent so much money on to enjoy in the baking sun, can’t be opened because the rubber runner is loose…I’m all ready to be cross at someone, but thankfully these two are the best of friends…sometimes!

best of friends


July 19, 2015

My First Vlog..I Walked 2000 Miles In 15 Minutes!

Well. here it is …my first Vlog for you to enjoy or despair at! I get my words mixed up, I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m useless at filming, but I’ll live and learn and you can all have a good laugh. Thank you to my husband for his humorous editing! :-)

July 19, 2015

Monday 6th-Wednesday 8th July Feel Awake & Classy!

Morning…not feeling it today

No its not Monday!

I haven’t been as lively lately which I put down to my bad back and painkillers. I now realise it is down to the new shower gel my son bought and which I accidently used as it was hanging in our shower room! It said it was to help you ‘feel awake’ which is  what I thought I needed, but I failed to see in small letters ‘for men’…100% awake for the three men in my household doesn’t last very long!

shower gel

It’s Tuesday. It’s sad when it is only  Monday and drinking is a necessity. Being a classy sort of girl I drank Pimms with mint leaves and cucumber, but lost the ‘class’ as I drank it from a plastic glass with flowers on it, from Waitrose mind!


Being a classy sort of girl I wore movie sized sunglasses in the staffroom,  as Labrynthitis is messing with my eyes and viewing bright lights is a problem (they were £2 from the M & S sale last year..a bargain!).. I was disappointed to be informed that I am viewed as the Joey Essex of the staffroom! Apparently my reality programme awaits..

Joey Essex cropped

Today I go to the back clinic to learn how to manage my bad back.

It took me over an hour today to get to the hospital ten minutes away and 50 minutes sitting in a traffic jam, thanks to roadworks. My back was feeling better until I sat stationary for so long…ironic that getting to the clinic to attend a class to help manage my back caused it to be worse! Back clinic involved two minutes of various exercises to strengthen my core. I nearly fell off my ball and the speed on the bike didn’t register but I did ok. We then had a chat on posture and I am not to sit, stand or stay in any position for any length of time if I want to help manage my back…so that’s it then, I must alert the Highways maintenance Department and ask if they can inform me of any road works so that I can avoid all traffic jams for starters!

traffic jams

It’s Wednesday. A later get up this morning after a very late return from our Musical Society last night due to junction being closed on the M3 with no notice and our journey being an extra 15 minutes..we were not happy! I moved from Pimms on Monday to wine on Tuesday, so weekly calorie intake on the up! I have just done a bit of Saturday Night Fever dancing at school, so must have lost a few of those calories with my groovy arm movements and turns…hopefully enough for me to have another wine when I go out tonight!

saturday night fever





July 17, 2015

Thursday 2nd-Sunday 5th July Overheating Issues!

Morning…what a hot night. I was tossing, turning, throwing the covers on and off and couldn’t tell if it was the weather or a menopausal issue! Today my new Reception class for September visit and the fan in my room might be my new best friend and never leave my side! I’m not talking about a child here, but an air cooler to aid my overheating body.


My son and girlfriend face timed us and their hotel is indeed a palace..chandeliers and marble staircases.

Egypt palace

It’s Friday. My back has gone after a terribly challenging day yesterday with the new children. I had to be driven home after my back went into spasm and I couldn’t move. Instead of attending an Inset day I am now having to dose up on painkillers and rest in bed. Good luck to my brother who moves from his nearly sea view, two bed flat in Southbourne to a three bedroom house with garden near Boscombe. It’s taken a very long time to complete, so hope it all goes well.

Being laid up in my bed has had it’s advantage today. as we managed to get a FREE black leatherette style three seater, two seater and arm chair from a local facebook site, as I spotted it quickly and husband got in first. I only thought there was one sofa but when husband went round to collect, there were two, so we’ve squeezed them in and were given the cushions as an extra.


It’s Saturday.I was just wondering if the sun and heat was causing a problem for my husband or perhaps forgetfulness is catching! I have just watched him walk downstairs in his boxers and a t-shirt. When I ask “are you intending to put on any shorts today?” the answer was “oh yes, I don’t seem to be wearing any, I forgot!” Thunderstorms and dodgy back kept me awake all night…back to sunny, but breezy this morning.

It’s Sunday. Son is full of how wonderful Egypt is and how very HOT it is! Rain here. Our kitchen floor is still concrete so yesterday we went to the Carpet Trade Centre in Basingstoke to have another look and ask for a second quote for Karndean flooring. It was a tricky place to find, but is apparently a lot cheaper than other places. so fingers crossed…he is coming round later this week to measure up and give us a quote.